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The "Which Evilish Character are You?" quiz!

This is the first time I've ever made this kind of quiz. A lot of the questions/answers are ridiculous, I know, and the matches most likely aren't that accurate (and if your results are equally two people, the one higher alphabetically is the result). Enjoy anyways!

1. What do you do on Saturday nights?
Stay at home all night because I'm afraid of getting beaten up.
Follow people around, and annoy them by making weird noises.
Hang out with your "friends" even though they didn't invite you and obviously don't like you.
I'm at work, I love my job!
I'm on the phone with my boyfriend/girlfriend.
I'm at work, and the only thing that makes it worthwhile is my hot coworker.
Doing homework or watching the news.
I don't like night, because I hate bats.
I'm outside, taking a walk and enjoying the night in solitude.
I'm too shy to call anyone, so I'm just watching a movie or am on my computer.
Just chatting with a close friend or two.

2. What's your favorite color?
Don't have one/Other

3. Favorite animal?
I can't possibly decide!
Anything, as long as it's cute and fluffy!
I'm afraid of animals...
Why isn't there an "other" option?
I don't care about animals. Unless they have money...

4. Describe your personality in one word.

5. What are your hobbies?
What's a hobby?
Stalking people!
Hunting down my most hated foe.
Studying ancient history.
Collecting weaponry. Specifically guns.
Hunting. Or fishing. Or hiking. Something outdoors.
Things that you mortals couldn't begin to understand.
Secretly obsessing over a fictional character/celebrity.
Playing video games! Whee...
Listening to music.

6. What do you see?
Some form of ancient hieroglyphic...
A butterfly!
An ink blot.
A tree.
I see a stupid question.
I see the computer screen. Why?
Dozens of possibilities!
A complex masterpiece of artistic ingenuity that defines humankind.
Hey, I don't have a psychological disorder! This is a waste of time.
I see me on a Monday morning!
See what? Sorry, I was too busy taking your wallet. Yoink!

7. Someone trips you and you fall flat on your face. You...
Laugh heartily and trip them back.
Haha! I'd like to see someone TRY to trip me.
Punch that jerk in the face.
Demand payment for that.
Yell obscenities and death threats.
Apologize for hurting their foot.
Cower and hope they don't further the abuse.
Demand justice!
Giggle and follow that person around the rest of the day.
Glare at them, get up, and walk away without a word. You have bigger fish to fry.
Give them a 5-second head-start before you draw your weapon.
Whine and sniffle for a little while... then lay the smackdown!

8. You find an envelope containing $500 (USD. :P). You...
Turn it in to the police. Someone must be missing it!
Ignore it and continue on your way.
Never looked in the envelope in the first place. It could be a trap!
Give it to the police... and if it's not claimed, spend it on clothes!
Give it to someone who needs it more than I do. I don't need money.
Contribute it to my community.
Ask if anyone I know has lost it... and if not, add it to today's profits.
Use it to bribe and manipulate people into doing what I want them to do.
Keep it and buy something expensive and sparkly.
Take it and save it for an emergency.
Use it as bait to lure my enemy out of hiding.

9. What is the meaning of life?
I don't think there is a meaning.
To do whatever you want to do and not let anyone get in the way of your fun!
To obey my master!
To follow your fate, your destiny! At least, that's what I tell people when I want them to do something for me.
Love and money.
To serve and protect my people.
To destroy my rival!
I don't know...
To help others!
To learn and gain knowledge.
To survive.
To eliminate all the injustices in the world.

10. Pick a weapon.
A set of bow and arrows I made myself. Efficient for hunting meat.
A shiny sword, because slashing things is fun! Especially when it's for a good cause.
I'll rip you up good with my bladed arm guards! Woo!
A pistol. But a rifle works, too. I'm not picky.
A giant fork that absorbs light and energy.
I have a trident for skewering people I hate, but my claws work too.
An inverse glaive. I assure you, it is not a giant can-opener.
A quick and deadly scythe suits me fine.
How can you say no to a spear?
I don't like weapons because they could hurt me...!
I don't need a weapon. My own skills are powerful enough!
...Did you say "toaster?"

11. You're walking home when you hear what sounds like someone getting beaten up around the corner. You...
Run away or hide!
Take bets on who wins.
Smile and watch, and maybe interfere if it gets boring.
Unhesitantly walk in to stop the fighting, and end up getting beaten up along with the victim.
Are the one doing the beating, most likely.
Observe from a safe distance.
Jump in and start a melee, just for fun! And when it's over, loot the corpse(s).
Challenge the attacker to a fight when he/she is done and beat him/her up, just because you can.
Keep walking.
Protect that poor helpless victim, quickly render the attacker unconscious, and ask the victim if he/she needs medical attention.
Stand somewhere nearby and make annoying commentary.
Try to figure out the attacker's motive, and assist the victim if he/she doesn't deserve the beating.

12. Your friend is depressed. You...
Don't care. I'm busy with my boyfriend/girlfriend.
Thought this "depression" thing was only in movies!
Are curious to know why, but don't really help them out.
Joke around with them until they feel better.
Irritate them with your crazy antics.
Sit down and swap stories of your woes with him/her.
Make a feeble attempt at sympathy.
Beat some happy into him/her.
Ask him/her various lengthy questions about his/her childhood and current life to pinpoint the problem(s).
Wait for them to snap, then comes the real fun.
Wordlessly give them a shoulder to cry on.
Hope it's not contagious.

13. Favorite genre?

14. Favorite type of food?
Fresh organic foods, like fruits and veggies.
Spicy and/or sour stuff! I like to make my tongue hurt.
I have secret stashes of junk food.
I don't care as long as it has sugar in it!
Coffee. ...Yes, I know it's not a food.
Food that's fun! It has to come with a toy.
Seafood. Fish is good for the brain.
I'll eat anything edible that's put in front of me.
I don't have a "favorite," I just eat to survive.
Homemade food is the best! Just like momma used to make.
HUMAN FLESH--... I mean... buttered toast. Yeah, that's it.

15. If you were stranded on a deserted island, what's the one thing you'd want to have with?
A boat, duh.
Plenty of fresh water, drinking sea water can kill you.
A friend so we can have a PAR~TAY!
A weapon with which to kill whoever is to blame for my being stranded.
Hehe, a cell phone so I can call a friend and have them pick me up! ...What do you mean it's out of service range???
Wait, I know this... um... uh... a compass!
HAHA, as if I'd ever get stranded on a deserted island.
Tch, money's all I'll ever need.
Uhh... I dunno... whatever I need that the island lacks?
Give me a swimsuit, I'm SWIMMING off that island.
Feh, I need nothing. I can live off of the natural supplies the island has to offer.

16. End of the quiz!
...I'd better get paid for this.
It was amusing! Well done.
Don't make me put you on my kill-list...
Oh, I'm so excited! I can't wait for my results!
It was a waste of time. I have more important things to do.
Thank you, Captain Obvious.
I'm gonna retake it to see what my second personality is! Hee hee...
Can I leave yet?
I don't think these are enough questions to accurately determine my personality match.

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