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Akuma has been a thief for many years, having started out as a lone street orphan in Boulder Town. Why he steals is not only to survive. Strangely enough, he also steals because it's fun to him. He's usually cheerful and positive about what's going on. He is not stupid, although he often "plays the fool." He often knows more than he's letting on, which is a part of what makes him so dangerous. One night while fighting Raiberry and Pion, he was suddenly able to transform into a Stonefur Wolf, which is evident by the ears and tail he retained. He exhibits strong leadership skills and loves to have fun. Name meaning: Japanese for "villain" or "demon."
Sex: Male
Species: Human, Stonefur Werewolf
Occupation: Thief/Warrior
Side: Group #1
Weapon: Bladed Arm Guards (2) ((Also counts as armor))
Armor/Shield: Chest/shoulder armor
Special Ability: Can turn into a Stonefur Wolf.
Element: Stone
Travels with: Ember, Dusker, Sirocco, Nega
First Appearance: Comic #2

A fiery girl who's determined to knock down any who stand in her way, and is most often the voice of reason and cynicism. She was once a member of the Fire Clan, but then ran away when they tried to keep her captive for their worship of their Snake God. She disguised herself as the Dragon Warrior until Akuma defeated her in combat. Since then, she has agreed to travel with him. Her negative attitude does little to dent Akuma's enthusiasm. For a while she still wanted to kill him, but no longer does. She is able to transform into a Lava Dragon. Evidence of this is the red scales covering her forearms, hidden beneath her gloves; and the red in her hair. Name meaning: A rock or piece of wood that is glowing with heat from a fire.
Sex: Female
Species: Human, Lava Weredragon
Occupation: Warrior
Side: Group #1
Weapon: Snake Scythe
Armor/Shield: Armored gloves
Special Ability: Can turn into a Lava Dragon.
Element: Fire
Travels with: Akuma, Dusker, Sirocco, Nega
First Appearance: Comic #8

A stoic mercenary hired by Ember and Akuma who almost never smiles. He is paid 100 silver a week, and is very loyal to his work. He has a not-so-secret-anymore romance going on with Pion, her being possibly the only thing in Lipsis he loves other than money. He wears a powerful weapon on his back, called the Lanza Rifle. The Lanza Rifle uses extremely rare black-crystal meteorites called Lanza (from the black moon), which absorb energy around them and turn it into dark negative energy that can be unleashed by the rifle. Name meaning: Dusk + er
Sex: Male
Species: Human
Occupation: Mercenary
Side: Group #1
Weapon: Pistol, Dagger, Lanza Rifle
Armor/Shield: Armored gloves (2)
Special Ability: n/a
Element: n/a (but carries Lanza-using equipment with)
Travels with: Akuma, Ember, Sirocco, Nega
First Appearance: Comic #28

A fierce member of the Teryx (archaeopteryx anthro) clan, who has had a long-time rivalry with the Lybatt "Chinook." Quick to anger with an intense primitive rage, but otherwise keeps mostly to himself. He is also very strong. Name meaning: A hot southern wind.
Sex: Male
Species: Teryx
Occupation: Warrior
Side: Group #1
Weapon: Trident
Armor/Shield: n/a
Special Ability: n/a
Element: n/a
Travels with: Akuma, Ember, Dusker, Nega
First Appearance: Comic #49

A very quiet girl met alone in the desert. She is a bit naiive, often the one asking questions. Her weapon contains a rare Lanza stone, which constantly devours surrounding energy, and then releases it through the prongs of her Lanza Fork whenever she wants it to, and is able to prevent the stone from releasing it all at once like Dusker's Lanza Rifle does. Almost nothing is known about her, and she follows the group for seemingly no reason, the shadows of a suspicious agenda lingering about her. Her own body has a similar property to Lanza; she unconsciously and constantly absorbs small amounts of energy around her. Akuma discovered this when he touched her, and felt numb like he would when touching Lanza. Nega refuses to explain why, and Akuma theorizes that it is because she's been in prolonged contact with Lanza. Name meaning: First four letters of "Negative."
Sex: Female
Species: Human
Occupation: Lanza-mage
Side: Group #1
Weapon: Lanza Fork
Armor/Shield: n/a
Special Ability: Can easily manipulate Lanza through her Lanza Fork.
Element: Lanza
Travels with: Akuma, Ember, Dusker, Sirocco
First Appearance: Comic #80

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